I embarked on my writing journey in 2008 just to keep my mind active. I was born in Mitchelstown in County Cork Ireland, where I grew up, I lived in Cork City for six years until coming to England in the early 1960's. I studied English Literature at an Oxford College and ran a series of successful businesses before taking part time retirement and starting my journey with books.

People often ask me, what is the fascination with writing, where does the inclination to write novels come from?I really don’t know, I just sit down in front of my computer and it happens. I draw my influences from Science Fiction and when not writing I can be found in front of the TV watching Sci-Fiction and Drama.

Fortunately my books have received much acclaim from fellow authors in the past few years. I often share thoughts with Ed Glasby a prolific writer, P Pulman a well-known author, Bill Power a prolific Irish writer, the Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson an amazing author, Desmond Morris another fantastic author, and Baron Robert Pouget.


The Spy Master Troliogy - Part 1

This is a novel about the KGB/FBS in Moscow. Ivan Sockalov is a retired head of the KGB in Moscow. A friend informs him his life is in jeopardy and if he wants to live to a ripe old age he will need to act, he needs a plan to survive and must be at the top of his game. Russia is full of intrigue, and holds much suspicion and mistrust of the west. Will he survive?



This is the story of Alien Technology. I drew this story from my grand children as they are very much into fiction. Children are amazing little people everything fascinates them. Their brains are so active and inquisitive in today's technology rich world. My granddaughter is eight years old, and mobiles/computers are no trouble to her, she has such a lively brain, it’s uncanny. Even her three year old brother has no trouble with a mobile phone, he can switch it on and play games on it.


My next novel

Currently under final edit and very soon to be proofed for release, the next book in my biography is the second instalmanet of the I.AM. story.


Ivan Sockalov is a retired head of the KGB and he has settled down to life of ease and tranquility in St Peterburg when he is informed that there are moves to have him eliminated. Now he has to plan what he is going to do about it...

A child born to humans, but with alien Nano-technology implanted in her brain. Leila has been blessed with truly amazing gifts, gifts which will eventually eclipse the powers of her alien benefactors.

To be announced ...